5 Signs That You Are A Teacher’s Pet

Are you one of those people who are outraged when others suggest that your favorite teacher might be biased towards you? Or are you confused whether you really are a teacher’s pet? Well, look no further, you have come to the right place.

These are a few basic signs that (I claim) will help you understand your standing in the teacher’s-pet-o-meter:-

Sign 5: You are the one always called upon to answer any question posed in class.

Come on, it isn’t rocket science. Your teacher definitely thinks you are the next Einstein. Otherwise why would she always handpick you out to answer what she thinks is the question of the century?

Alright, I will take the argument that maybe you are one of the morons drooling in class as you daydream and that’s why the teacher picks on you always, but right now we are discussing a condition in which the teacher is definitely counting on you to answer the question.

Sign 4: You are the one always called upon to help her collect the answer sheets.

Yeah, that’s a biggie. Your teacher definitely doesn’t trust anyone else around answer sheets but you. And why would she when she has that shining beacon of light she thinks cannot ever be dishonest. I meant you, not a flashlight, you idiot!

Sign 3: You are the only one she asks to grab her stuff and drag them to the staff room.

Oh yeah, no one but her shining beacon must lay a finger on her precious books and purse. Who knows what mischief they might commit? Or discover within the depths of her handbag if they choose to pry?

Sign 2: You are praised so much in class that your friends have started to act strangely around you.

Get down your high horse! You seriously think you are the only smart kid in the class? News flash: That is so not the case! It’s just that your shining beacon status on the teacher’s-pet-o-meter pushes out everything else from your teacher’s mind when you are in front of her eyes.

And the No. 1 sign is… (Drum roll please!)

Sign 1: You worship the ground your teacher walks on.

Seriously? You thought your teacher loved you the best because your intelligence gives her a massive or**sm every time she sets her eyes on you? Oh puhlease! There are a hundred more smartasses roaming around in the corridor who seem to be on your teacher’s black list. The only reason why you are so high up on her favorites list is because you seem to think the world revolves around her. Admit it! It’s a give and take relationship.

So these are a few signs that prove that you are a teacher’s pet. Do you agree with me? Or do you think I missed out some signs?

Hmm, or maybe you feel I am a total bitch for saying such crap. Come on, bring on the disagreement. Let’s get the conversation ball going.

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So till the next time, have fun! 🙂


6 thoughts on “5 Signs That You Are A Teacher’s Pet

  1. One of my teachers was a pushover and walkover but she kept keeping on. My old English teacher. I was very quiet and wanted to do my work when she was around, and let her know I cared for her!

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