Defining Yourself: I am a Writer

Have you been passionate about something so much that the very thought of it burns your blood and drives every waking thought in your head? Have you ever felt so strongly about something that the very idea of it not being there makes you feel as if something essential has been torn out of your soul?

That’s how I feel about writing.

Writing isn’t just something I do because it’s a hobby or because I like doing it. Like is too shallow a word. I write because I cannot survive without it. It is the fire that constantly burns within my soul and drives me forward every waking minute of my day and dreaming minute of my night.

That’s how much I LOVE writing. And believe me, I do not use that word lightly.

But writers everywhere face one common fear – the fear of ridicule.

And it’s not the ridicule one must face if they put up shoddy work. No, this ridicule is the result of a deeply trenched societal viewpoint that if you call yourself a writer then you are just wasting your time chasing after the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

But are we really?

Did all great people in history just spring out of thin air and reach the pinnacle of success without struggles and facing ridicule while they constantly chased their dreams?

Only the ones who can brave this fear are the ones who finally get to carve their names in the Hall of Flames of Great Authors.

And so today I have decided that I have had enough with people poking fun at me for what I write (which is paranormal fiction) and telling me that I am no-good when they haven’t bothered reading a single line I have ever written. 

Today is the day of definition, the day I shall brand these words forever into my soul:-


And to hell with anyone who says I am a fool for believing in my dream of touching the hearts of millions with my written words.

And this is who I shall always be. A writer until I take my last breath.

Are you passionate about something like I am passionate about writing? How do you define yourself? Do you have a dream that burns every waking moment of your life?

I love hearing from you. And in this case I want to hear more since every person should define themself if they have a dream.

So until the next time keep in mind these profound words:-

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.


2 thoughts on “Defining Yourself: I am a Writer

  1. If you write, you are a writer…. Too many people are guilty of being mealy-mouthed and afraid to reach for what they want out of life. Be proud of who you are and shout it from the rooftops!

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