5 Things You Don’t Want To Find When You Move To a New Residence

Shifting to a new residence is a pain in the ass. In fact the hassles it involves has always made me wish for a gadget that would allow me to shift all my stuff into our new home without having to go through the packing dramas. But imagine if instead of a clean house you arrive to find your new home littered with all sorts of things the previous tenant wasn’t kind enough to put in the garbage bin. Definitely something everyone would want to avoid. Saying that let me introduce you all today to our guest author, Amanda Cumbers who has written an interesting post about some things you definitely don’t want to find when you move in. Continue Amanda…

You’ve just been handed the keys to your new home and are eager to start moving your belongings. For weeks you have dreamed of making a new start in your new relocation yet have failed to consider what your old tenants may have left behind…

1.    Dog Poo in the Garden

If you’ve moved house previously, you will know that there is nothing better than enjoying a relaxing drink in your new garden in the evening after spending the whole day unpacking boxes and putting together your flat-pack furniture so that you don’t have to spend the night on the floor – again. That is, until you find your new garden to be littered with dog poo.

While the old owner may have loved their beloved bulldog, there is certainly nothing to love about dog poo – or the swarm of flies that it happens to attract. Just watch out for the remains of any deceased pets when you choose to dig up the uneven concrete paving stones to replace them with wooden decking…

2.    Forgotten Insects

Imagine settling into your new home and welcoming your friends and family around for a raucous party yet being able to hear the buzz of the music that you played ringing in your ears weeks later. Imagine hearing it while relaxing in your lounge, cooking in the kitchen and while half-asleep in your bedroom but upon visiting your doctor, you find that all is well.

Then you hear a knock at your door from your neighbour who tells you that she’s seen countless wasps around your brickwork and wonders whether you realise that the old tenants have left you with a wasps’ nest large enough to feature on a David Attenborough documentary. If you’re allergic to wasp stings, don’t misplace your adrenaline shot during your move.

3.    Mouldy Food in the Fridge

There is no better way to make a house smell than to leave mouldy food in the fridge. Whether the old tenants were simply old forgetful or just resented you for “taking over” their home, you’ll need to pack a pair of rubber gloves, a protective face mask and an abundance of air freshener to deal with this rancid smell.

4.    Bags of Grass Cuttings in the Loft

Imagine unpacking all of your belongings only to realise that you do not have space to keep them all on show. You head off into the loft to find that you cannot enter easily and the door requires several good shoves before you can climb in.

Inside of the loft, you are greeted with a dozen mysterious black sacks. Your brain races ahead, thinking that you may have stumbled upon gold treasures of a value greater than your new home and its conveyance fees, yet the musty smell that hits your nose leads you to believe that you may have found something more sinister.

Upon opening the bags, you find old grass cuttings upon grass cuttings (and the odd ladybug too) and you thank your lucky stars that you didn’t call the police before taking a look inside.

5.    Unwashed Underwear behind the Bed

If you have always been short on cash, finding fully equipped rented accommodation to move into may have seemed like a dream come true, particularly if your prospective new bedroom is blessed with generous wardrobe space and a king sized bed.

Just be careful when you rearrange your new bedroom, particularly if you choose to move the bed. Unwashed underwear may await you, but if you are lucky you might smell it first!

About the Author:-

Amanda Cumbers works for My Move Property Lawyers who specialise in the residential property sector and with the help of advanced technology offer straightforward conveyancing solutions. The company is committed to providing a superior level of service based upon speed and professionalism.

So have you ever faced such nightmares during or after a move? Do share your own stories in the comments section below. 


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