Guess Who’s Back?

Hello children! How have you been? I hope you have all been hale and hearty…

I know you are wondering what the hell happened to me? Well, let’s just say when I am giddy with joy I tend to spout out weird things.

And what might be the reason behind such an epic happiness? Here are a few options for you to choose from:-

1. I am a serial killer and have just returned from my latest kill… an old lady with only a single gold tooth in her mouth.

2. My squirrel has just gotten itself pregnant and so I am busy dreaming about 101 Dalmatians and how I can make it a 101 Squirrels story.

3. My exams just got over.

So which one is the right answer? 

It is…

My Exams Got Over!!!!

What? You seriously thought it was the first? Dude, if I was a sociopath in reality do you think I would have been sitting before my laptop and writing a post when I could have enjoyed the murder by skulking around the crime scene and laughing inside at the incompetence of the police? 

Anyway, so this calls for some celebration… doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? Okay! So keep your fingers crossed because I am going to publish a post tomorrow that is rather close to my heart. Hmm, you want to know what it is going to be about?

Hint: It is another Mom Tails…

You don’t know what Mom Tails is? Well, they are pieces about mommy dearest who is the quirkiest lady on this planet. And I being the evil daughter keep writing about it for kicks and laughs. Anyway, if you want to know more about her before you read the upcoming post tomorrow then head over here:-

Mom Tails: The Incident with the Berries

Mom Tails: What Happens in a Malaysian Food Fest 

Well, have fun till tomorrow and be prepared for I am back…with a loaded gun in my hand (hmm, maybe the serial killer thing wasn’t a joke after all… scared, huh?). 😛


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