5 Things to Take with You to a Deserted Island

Ever played that game with your friends where you all sit in a large circle and question each other things that begin with “What if…”? Almost always these sessions have one thrown at you where you have to answer most probably the world’s hardest question – What if you were stranded on a deserted island. What would you carry along with you? Well, I still haven’t come up with my list but looks like our latest guest author has. Say hello to Dawn. Apparently she has compiled a list that she feels are a must if she ever gets to become a real-life Tom Hanks from Cast Away. Continue Dawn…

So you and your friends are sitting around one evening chatting over a couple of beers and then someone poses the question, “What five things would you bring if you were on a deserted island?” Everyone already having a few beers in them could lead to some interesting responses.

Honestly, have you ever considered what you would want to bring with you to a deserted island and why those particular items?

Let’s consider it is your choice to be on the deserted island in the first place and you didn’t just fall out of the sky from an airplane like someone from “Lost” or float in on a life raft from a capsized boat. In that case, I’d definitely want a cell phone in a waterproof case to call someone to get me the heck out of there, but then again, let me rethink that… the odds of a cell tower being nearby are nil.

Okay…so now we have established I actually chose to be on this island, but we’ve neglected to determine for what length of time? Let’s say no longer than six months, which works for me, how about you?

When you sit down and really give this some serious thought, it is hard to whittle a list down to just five items. For practicality, I’d definitely need four items because obviously there’s no island resort in this deserted island scenario, which is going to leave me with one luxury item to keep me from getting totally bored.

A knife would be a no-brainer for protection, opening up those coconuts, cutting down bananas, and cutting vines to bind branches or logs together for a lean-to or a raft when I’ve decided I’ve had enough of being on a deserted island and need a plan of escape! I would also want to make sure I had a cup or something to collect water. A large towel would be practical to use to dry off and as a blanket at night. Something that would be non-negotiable would be a toothbrush, but I’d have to forego the toothpaste, well at least I could figure out making paste from sea salt somehow I guess.

My one luxury item I am ashamed to say would have to be an iPad, something I swore I would never become dependent on, but now am addicted to. Knowing in advance I would be going to a deserted island, I would see this as a chance to catch up on all the various digital magazines I haven’t had time to reach or the dozen or so books I’ve bought but haven’t read. I’d have access to my iTunes also.

But wait…what am I going to do when the battery runs out the first day? Where’s McGyver when I need him to whip me up a battery from coconuts!

Okay, scratch the water cup, I’m sure I can find some big leaves to collect water in right? Then that will allow me to bring a solar charger to charge my precious iPad.

Welcome to the age of impracticality…I’ve now chosen my iPad over water! Next time I decide to go to a deserted island, it better have electricity!

About the author:-

Dawn is an experienced freelance writer, editor, and researcher for online custom writing company and college textbooks. She holds an MBA from Franklin University and provides writing services in the fields of economics, personal finance, and business forensics.


7 thoughts on “5 Things to Take with You to a Deserted Island

    • Well, Dawn does seem to be rather attached to her ipad. I can’t do anything about that. But my list will go something like this- a Rambo knife, lighter, raincoat (can be used to collect water too if balanced properly between branches)… damn, I still haven’t managed to come up with a good list.

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