Wassup people? Chillaxing I hope. ūüôā

Today I have some awesome news for you. The next two weeks will have something amazing happening on Spyglassviewer. Wanna take a guess? No? Okay. Here you go:-

The Grand Guest Post Weeks

It can’t get awesomer than that.

I have some amazing guest authors waiting in line to entertain the hell out of you lot. So what are you waiting for? Tune into Spyglassviewer the next two Tuesdays and Fridays and be prepared to have your minds blown out of this planet! (Hell yeah!)

And in case you aren’t as happy as I expected you all to be… because¬†dear me will be MIA, don’t worry fellas, I aint going¬†too far! Just to the land of examination where¬†satisfaction only comes from the fruit of success, which unfortunately grows on the highest branch of the marks tree that is a little fragilesome in nature.

So with the sincere hope that I am leaving you all in good hands, let me give you a sneak peek:-

1.¬†This Tuesday: Ever played the game where you gotta tell people 5 things you would take with you to a¬†deserted island and your personal reasons behind those particular choices? I have. And if you¬†haven’t then believe me, it aint an easy¬†question to answer.

2. This Friday: Dogs are hard to teach tricks. Especially old dogs, if you get my drift.¬†So it is definitely worth a thought what you would teach your dog if¬†tricks were¬†as easy to learn as chomping¬†the master’s shoes.

3. The Next Tuesday: Haircutting saloons are fraught with peril. One misadventure with your barber and you just might return home with a haircut worth going bald.

4. The Next Friday: Well… I think I will let it be a mystery. Hope you turn up to find out what¬†the entire thing will be¬†about though.

So till the next time I post something written by me, keep rolling! ūüôā



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