What Students Do Before Exams

Everyone hates exams. It is a universal truth. They suck out the fun from your life, reduce you to a quivering mass of nerves and anxiety, alienate you from your friends if you are ahead or behind them in terms of topics revised, and on the whole destroy your entire existence.

I truly hate exams. And unfortunately they are back to bite my ass once again, which means I will be MIA for a while now.

But before I disappear altogether, enjoy this quick list of why students hate exams:-

1. Exams are like chameleons. You won’t notice them until they are on you……..AaaaHHHH!!!!

2. Everyone hates you if you are ahead of them in terms of revision.

3. You hate everyone if they are ahead of you.

4. Your bed becomes the best place on the planet and your dreams become lengthier with every passing day.

5. Creativity seems to flow the fastest during crunch time and steals your attention from your studies.

6. Your wallet empties really fast as the urge to eat out strikes almost everyday.

7. You seem to notice all the intricate details of this universe when you should be concentrating on the book before you. (It’s fascinating how many shapes are hidden in the wooden surface of your study desk!)

8. When you return for a second revision right before the day of the exam, you discover that you have forgotten everything you learnt the first time.

9. Your parents threaten to disown you if you fail. 

10. Insomnia strikes you the night before your exam and sleep heavier than a ten ton steel block claims you during the real deal.

11. All the questions tend to come from those portions you thought weren’t important enough to study.

12. The invigilator seems to hang around you the most, as if they know you are cheating or are dumber than a goat.

13. You don’t feel like studying after an exam even if you have two more vital papers to write the next day.

14. As the days go by, your will to study decreases and finally before the last exam you have a premature party and flunk miserably the next day. (Thankfully the failing bit hasn’t happened to me ever!)

Hmm, I wanted to make it a list of 15 reasons but I seem to have run out of them. So any additional insight on why you hate exams besides these points are welcomed. Do leave them as comments below. I really love it when I get a response out of you people! 🙂

So that’s it for now. I will try to post but be prepared for rants since exams do make me very cranky to be around. And in the meantime if I go MIA just hang around since we have a few guest authors in line to entertain you all in my absence.


Do share your thoughts.

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