5 Things That You Should Always Take on a Long Haul Flight

I am a big fan of airplanes. And why wouldn’t I be? They are the fastest mode of transportation available at the moment (until we humans figure out teleportation). But every person who has ever travelled on one of these metal birds will know that air travel isn’t the most comfortable option available. If your head isn’t aching from the constant pressure changes that play havoc on your eardrums, then you will find yourself shifting your butt endlessly, trying to locate that ever-out-of-reach position of comfort on your seat.

Well, if these pesky details affect every one of us on tiny flights lasting for just two hours, then just imagine what our condition will be when we are airborne for practically one whole day. To say unsavory will be too much of an understatement. Therefore, I am rather pleased to introduce you all today to our newest guest author Elle Rose, who has come to us with a list of things that everyone should carry on their person for long haul flights so that the experience becomes more comfortable. Continue Elle…

Long haul flights can be pretty horrible (and often boring) so anything to make the experience a little more pleasurable is good news. Here is a great list of 5 things to make those long plane rides a little easier!

1) Noise cancelling headphones 

Next time you get stranded next to a screaming baby or get seated over the plane’s engines, you’ll still be able to either enjoy your own music or the in-flight entertainment. These headphones are seriously life-saving and can take you off to your own little world. You’ll even forget you’re on a plane!

2) Face Wipes

The last thing you want to feel on a long haul flight is groggy and tired. Taking a mini packet of wet-wipes with you can quickly refresh you every few hours when you need it. They’ll also be great for waking yourself up when you finally land at your destination.

3) Warm Socks

We all know the staff-on-board planes can get a bit air-con happy. So take a nice pair of comfy socks with you for when the cabin gets chilly. Yes, some airlines provide their own socks but don’t expect them to be overly great! Always best to bring your own.

4) An MP3 Player

This might be your iPod or perhaps an old school model. Either way being able to listen to your own music during the flight will make it seem much more tolerable than having to listen to the airline pre-loaded albums on the IFES. Make sure to upload some fresh tracks the night before!

5) A Neck Support Cushion

These little cushions that wrap around your neck are literally the best invention for long haul flights, in history. They keep you comfy and warm, and also let you sleep better as they cradle your head. And they’re small enough to fit into your hand luggage!

About the author:-

Elle-Rose works as a writer for No1 Traveller, who provide luxury airport lounges in London Heathrow.


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