The Big Bang Theory

Throw in a theoretical physicist with an intense case of obsessive compulsive disorder (Dr. Sheldon Cooper), a practical physicist with a low self-esteem (Dr. Leonard Hofstadter), a bumbling astrophysicist who can’t utter a word before girls (Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali) and a horny aerospace engineer (Mr. Howard Wolowitz) and you have guaranteed yourself endless hours of fun. That’s The Big Bang Theory to you.

1. Sheldon

“Don’t you think if I were wrong, I would know it?”

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a narcissistic and condescending male, who believes, strike that, knows that he is the next best thing that happened to the world since Albert Einstein. Portrayed by Jim Parsons, Sheldon is an annoying and irritating know-it-all who according to his friends is one lab accident away from becoming a Super Villain. And though at first sight he would appear completely bonkers to you, he defends his sanity by saying, “I am not insane. My mom had me tested.”

2. Leonard “The Robot hand got stuck down your what?”

Sharing a flat with the above character is Dr. Leonard Hofstadter. This man comes from a family of great minds where studying advanced subjects are encouraged from a young age and silly things like Santa Claus and Birthdays are not celebrated. Portrayed by Johnny Galecki, Leonard is a harmless nerd who has to constantly exercise extreme patience when around Sheldon, who never seems to understand sarcasm. Leonard likes their beautiful neighbor from across the hall, Penny.

3. Penny

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is a waitress at a restaurant named the Cheesecake Factory and aspires to be a Hollywood actress someday. She was a pretty dumb blonde in the first season but as the episodes went by and her interaction with the nerds increased she starts getting smarter. The Penny and Leonard love drama keeps the show moving forward.

4. Howard

Howard Wolowitz is a Jewish M.Eng from MIT. Portrayed by Simon Helberg, Howard is a self-proclaimed ladies’ man (that is he goes after the ladies but is either rebuffed brutally for his stalkerish tendencies and obscene one-liners or sent packing to the hospital by the boyfriends of the said ladies). He has an unhealthy attachment to his mother and still hasn’t moved out of her house (and neither does he plan to). He is the only one in the group who doesn’t have a doctoral degree and is reminded of it constantly by either Sheldon or the Head of Caltech where they all work. A common dialogue in this stream is, “Dr. Cooper…Dr. Hofstadter…Dr. Koothrappali…Mr.Wolowitz.”

5. Raj

Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) is an Indian astrophysicist from a rich family in Delhi. He is portrayed as Howard’s sidekick and is completely opposite to his best friend. Raj is a super geek who will squeak and dumb up suddenly while speaking enthusiastically as soon as any woman enters a room. In fact he cannot even speak to women without being drunk.

Besides these five main characters, there are some recurring characters since Season 4. They are Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, Dr. Leslie Winkle and Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski.

6. Amy

Amy (Mayim Bialik) was matched to Sheldon on a dating website on which his friends created a profile for him without telling him just to get him a girlfriend (even though Sheldon is so uninterested in relationships of any kind that Howard says at times that Sheldon’s mode of reproduction might be mitosis wherein he would one day eat too much Thai food and instantaneously split into two Sheldons. A nightmare no one wants anywhere near them.). Amy is a neurobiologist and her mental frequencies match Sheldon’s much to the amusement and astonishment of their friends. In fact when she kissed him once he didn’t get annoyed and instead said “Interesting.”

7. Leslie Winkle

Dr. Leslie Winkle (Sarah Gilbert) works at Caltech and is Leonard’s colleague. She is portrayed as a woman of immense sexual appetite and has gone out with Leonard twice. The second time Leonard starts going out with Leslie, Howard comments if she is the same woman who used Leonard like a tissue paper and threw him away the next morning the first time. Leslie has an intense dislike for Sheldon since the day he called her research work inconsequential and her adherence to the theory of Loop Quantum Gravity laughable (Sheldon is pro String Theory). Since then she never lets a chance go to demean the guy who alas is not well-trained in the department of sarcasm and witty comebacks, although no one can say Sheldon doesn’t try to condescendingly put Leslie in her place whenever these moments take place (even though he fails).

8. Bernadette

Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) is Howard’s love interest against all odds. Even now his friends wonder how he scored himself a girlfriend given that his ways are disgusting and his bug-eyed staring at females rather creepy. Bernadette is a tiny blonde microbiologist and when she finally gets her doctorate in Season 4 Howard is teased by his friends since he is still the only one in the group without a doctorate.

Overall the sitcom is hilarious and one of my favorite shows. And it is more interesting since the producers haven’t dumbed down the scientific terminologies the characters throw at each other throughout the show; a fact that is responsible for its appeal.

So are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory too? If yes then who is your favorite character? Mine is Sheldon because even though he can be a big prick he is the one character who never fails to make you burst out laughing.

If you are not a viewer of the show I advise you with all my heart to go and watch it. You will not regret doing so.

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