Summer Atlast!

Five seasons cycle every year- spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. Each have their own merits and demerits, although I personally do not think spring and autumn have any demerits, but the one season that rules over my heart is the Summer season.

Ask a person what their favorite season is and almost four out of five, strike that, nine out of ten people would state a season other than summer. Ask them next if they like summer and the general reply will be negative. I don’t know about people living in other countries but in India this is the general scenario. And why is that? It is because India is a country that fires up like a furnace during the summer time.

It is terribly hot during summers in India. The temperature can reach above 40°C in some parts (you can literally fry an egg off the sidewalk!). But it is this very fierce nature of the season that makes me love it so much.

Summer is a season that is truly alive. Compared to the death-stillness of winter and the wimpy crying of the sky during monsoon, summer is full of life.

Just the feel of the heat of the sun on my skin makes me happy. I love it when the sky is so bright that it hurts my eyes. I love it when sunlight slants through my window in the morning and illuminates the swirls created by the otherwise invisible dust. I love it when it becomes so sweltering that you must either eat something cold or die of parched throat. Yeah, I am a true summer girl (or maybe heat crazed!).

Summer is a harsh season but it is a season that shows us the beauty of the world. It is the only season that makes you aware of yourself, of the blood running in your veins, the sweat rolling off your brow. It is a season that shows you that intensity can be hard to appreciate but when you do it brings you nothing but happiness.

So embrace summer like I have and enjoy its fire and will. And before long you will feel it sharing its intense happiness with you. If not then there are always ice cream parlors round the block to cheer you up!

Happy Summer! 🙂


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