Atheism and the World

Religion is one of the bases of human society. It provides us with symbols to relate to spirituality. It strengthens our culture and gives us a moral belief system that defines our morality, ethics and lifestyle. In all it is a brilliant idea to bring together people from different strata of life and bind them through a set of ideas, rules and one God.

But then why are atheists produced if religion is so goody-goody for us? The firmly religious people or fanatics would say atheists are big idiots who must have been hurt so badly in their past that they have given up on faith. Or that they are Satanists for all intents and purposes, trying to doom the world by spreading such ideas like the non-existence of God.

Well, since I am an atheist myself I will have to say that not only are such arguments baseless, they are also utterly narrow-minded. So let’s take a look at what non-atheists think about us:-

The Liberals

They are neutral people who are piously religious themselves but don’t want to get into arguments about God and his/her existence. They believe that the world has 6 billion people and it will be utterly insane if everyone thought the same about every damn thing. So they maintain a neutral gear and live with the motto: “Everyone is entitled to their own views. I just don’t have to agree with them all”.

And so while collecting data pure Sherlock Holmes style I questioned a friend just like the type I described above. According to her atheists are:-

1. Confident people who believe in themselves rather than hoping that an invisible force would come and solve all their myriad problems.

2. Are self reliant.

3. But they have the tendency to oppose vehemently when God’s existence is brought up in a conversation. (She finds this trait rather annoying. And why shouldn’t she? If she can be tolerant of atheists they should learn to be tolerant about religious people in turn.)

The Fanatics

Give these people even the slightest hint that you are an atheist and they will either jump at the opportunity to convert you or lecture you about how pitiful it is that you don’t believe in God. They just can’t tolerate that your point of view is scientific at its core. (And then they laugh at you when you say you believe in magic!)

In fact one of my friends is so opposed to the fact that I am an atheist that she wouldn’t even let me touch her rosary and bible. And when she first came to know about that fact (that is, me being an atheist) she wriggled in that detail into every conversation with me for the next one week. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example:-

Once we were discussing the merits of living without our family as we studied for our undergraduate degree. I said that I always wanted the experience since I am more of the stand on my own two feet kind of girl and like being independent. My religious friend said that family is everything and you can learn to be independent even when you are with your family. (Yeah, she obviously was not counting the wake-up calls from mom, the ready-made breakfast, lunch and dinner and the full-stocked house where soap and shampoo magically gets replaced when they get over.) The argument got a little heated by the end and since I was winning she shouted at me, “You’re an atheist. So just shut up!” And that brought an end to the above conversation and began a new argument on religion.

Now that I have given you a glimpse into the minds of religious people, let me now take you on a hike through my thoughts, the thoughts of a liberal atheist:-

I do not believe in God. Not because I can’t see, hear or feel God (which I can’t frankly) but because I just can’t accept that there is someone sitting up there in the clouds determining our fates and judging us without knowing us (we are too many to scrutinize individually).

I don’t think God exists since no one can be that powerful and still be uncorrupt. Some people might say that God is energy, pure and Good. But then why do you worship humanoid figureheads? And why Good? The Universe is based on the concept of symmetry and balance. So shouldn’t your God be a balance of the two and not just tipping in the “Good” side of the scales?

An atheist is just a non-believer of God, not everything mystical. I believe in magic since I am a child at heart. But magic and God are not the same. Magic is just science that has still not been discovered and understood while God is an entirely different concept.

I believe in a soul. That makes me spiritual. I believe in ethics, morality and most importantly honesty. That makes me better than most others even though I am not really a goody-two-shoes. Thus in essence I believe in a lot of concepts that religion teaches but then why am I still an atheist?

It’s because I think people just follow religion for the heck of it these days. They come out of holy places and then lie, bribe or backstab. They say they believe in God but is that truly what they do? Or do they turn God into a scapegoat to take the burden of their own wrong decisions and make them feel better about themselves because it was God’s willing that they failed in the exam not because they procrastinated till the last week.

I can’t tolerate hypocrisy and frankly religion stinks of it these days. So I am better off an atheist. At least I am true to what I believe. And at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

So what are your religious views? Are you an atheist or a firm believer of religion?

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6 thoughts on “Atheism and the World

  1. I was baptized into the LDS church (Mormon) this past October. Before that I held beliefs that would be considered Deistic. (Deism, belief in God and nothing else. No Religion) I do belive in a Heavenly Father, but he doesn’t sit in the clouds, and He isn’t made up of mist. He does have a body.

    I did like this very much. I think I might point out that a few of the guys in the picture above weren’t actually Athiest.

    The thing I can appriciate most about Athiestic people is the fact that they don’t try to “turn” you to there way of thinking. All they do is shake their heads when you talk about the bible and it’s contents. At least that’s what I see.

    • Just because I am an atheist doesn’t make everyone who believes in God a fool. Thank you for appreciating that fact about us. 🙂

  2. Atheism is fine for those who choose it, but it is still a religion and it’s God is it’s disbelief. Americans who wish to be Atheists have every right to be so. My question is this: “If there is no God, then why all the effort to disprove the existence of one?” That goes in the same vein as, “The best evidence of God’s existence is the fact that all men have spent a virtual eternity seeking for Him, Her, It– God.” If there truly is no God, then why is there a need for an Atheist to disbelieve?

    • If there is no magic or aliens or no such thing as astrology, tarot or palmistry then why is the need for disbelief? Same logic applies to atheism.
      We don’t believe in God. That’s it. That makes us part of the team that doesn’t agree to God’s existence. I have never tried to convert a religious person nor have I ever let anyone convince me to their point of view. Different people have different views. Because we don’t believe in God, we disbelieve. Easy as that.
      Anyway, thank you for sharing your point of view.

  3. Interesting post. I’m an agnostic myself, so I’m not far from you in my thoughts. Although you gotta admit it will be pretty hilarious if we end up in hell and the Devil goes: “Who’s laughing now, suckers?!”

    • Hmmm, I think Hell needs revolution… and now that they know about my plans I guess I won’t be invited there once I die! 😛

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