MIA…Be Patient Just This Bit

Hey people, I am really sorry I wasn’t able to post anything for the last few days, which has impacted my three times a week posting schedule. I am working on the first post for the A-Z Random Directory so come back day after tomorrow to read the one with A…

But for now enjoy these posts I found in the blogosphere and be a little more patient.

1. 5 Dismissive Arguments You Only Use When You Are Wrong

2. BMW i8 Concept— Emotional. Dynamic. Efficient.

3. The Dream-Sharing Technology of Inception

4. 6 Popular Children’s Books That Teach Kids Horrible Lessons

5. The Dirty Little Secret of Overnight Success

See you all day after with the first post of the A-Z Random Directory. I won’t reveal what it’s about but be prepared for something controversial. Till then, have fun! 🙂


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