How Technology Has Killed Our Fairytales

Have you ever gotten into heated arguments with friends who seemed to think that placing a good gun in Harry Potter’s hands would have taken care of Lord Voldemort without complicating the whole story with wands and magic? If yes, then you would know how infuriatingly logical such arguments are even though you play for Team Magic. Therefore, let me introduce you today to our guest author, Stella Rebecca who has written a fascinating post about how the technological world of today can put a spanner in our favorite fairytales. Continue Stella…  

Snow white, Cinderella, and the amazing Hercules would be put to shame if you brought them into this day and age. Technology is everything today – apply that same technology to these golden characters and you’ll strip them of every magical potion or amazing properties one could fathom.

Put a decent smart phone in the hands of a fairytale character and you’re guaranteed to find yourself knee-deep into a world where no magic actually takes place. Some might tell you this isn’t the case but they would truly be wrong.

Color Me Cute

Think about it. If you gave snow white’s step mother photo shop would she be running around the girl for as long as she did? I mean use the healing brush here and add a little color there and you’re good to go. Photoshop can make anyone look like a super model.

Magazines use it all the time to make the average look not-so-average. So the evil step mother wakes up one fine day and makes her way to her faithful mirror who says, “Woman you ain’t pretty no more!” So the step mother will take to Photoshop and blur out a few worry lines, make her teeth shinier and quite possibly even change her hair color. In all likelihood she’s going to give Snow White a run for her money even in terms of her white skin. White like snow is no problem if you know how to use the right tools on Photoshop!

Tippy Tappy Tracks

Hansel and Gretel were all about getting lost and trying really hard but failing at finding their way back. Apps such as cell phone tracking software now make it difficult for kids to get lost. Forget the fact that their parents didn’t know that they were actually staying over at their friend’s, the evil witch.

Cell phone tracking apps don’t just track a phone, they help people listen in with live spy calls as to what their target user is up to. Think audio bug and then rethink the evil witch about to eat little kids scenario. I have my money on the fact that before the witch would have a chance in the modern world she would be behind bars. But damn, that candy house looked delicious when I was a child; I hope that part stays the same.

No Mermaid Fest

The little mermaid’s real problem was not that she needed legs. It was that she had no darn clue what was out there in the world that she wasn’t allowed to see. In this day and age you give that same mermaid a computer with access to Google and she’ll do what our modern kids do: never leave the house and stay glued to her computer.

There are videos on YouTube, travelogues online and God knows what else people can easily get access to. They just have to go look for it for a few minutes and click on a few links. It’s not the same as scanning the entire ocean for a fork that can be mistaken for a comb you know.

The technology is great but really if I were to redo the fairytales, almost all of them, with this day and age as the focal point, we’d all have a grand problem on our hands.

About the Author:-

Stella Rebecca has been in the business of providing quality information on Cell Phone Monitoring. Her main expertise lies in the spectrum of Cell Phone Tracking which is making waves in the technological world today.


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