Why Brits Like Garden Sheds- Things You Never Knew

When I think about garden sheds the only thing that comes to my mind is the cartoon shed from Mr. Bean the Animated Series or some dull and boring place haunted by a creepy gardener wielding huge shears. That’s because Indians don’t really use garden sheds. Instead we have outhouses where all sorts of creepy monsters lurk in plain sight. So I am rather glad to introduce you all today to our British guest author, Sarah Oxley, who has written an interesting post about garden sheds that sheds some light on its non-boring parts (pun intended). Continue Sarah…

I never realised how much heritage garden sheds actually have, until now. In fact I was surprised to learn some of the trivia connected to it. And so I have decided to sum it all up so that we can all have a laugh at the expense of garden sheds and their wackiness.

Wacky Fact No.1

Did you know that in 1995 police arrested a fifteen year old boy for trying to earn his Boy Scout Merit Badge? Why would they do such a thing, I hear you ask? Well, he was building a Nuclear Reactor in his parents’ potting shed to earn said badge, and let’s face it sheds aren’t suitable for nuclear reactors! Just think of the mess (and the whole against the law thing, of course).

Really? In a garden shed?

Wacky Fact No.2

The most famous piece of art of a garden shed was created by sculptor Cornelia Parker when in 1991 she blew up a shed and used it’s shrapnel to create her piece “Cold, Dark Matter: An Exploded View”. The idea behind the work was to examine the potential of material, which can no longer be rebuilt. Personally, I think it was just a cool idea. What shall I do today? Blow up a shed? Yes, let’s blow up a shed. Dandy!

Wacky Fact No.3

Nowhere in the world is a garden shed more celebrated than in Britain. 52% of the population owns a shed. In fact the nation once spent £85 million (which is $133 million) in one year on garden sheds. And there is also a list of 52 sheds, which have the status of architectural treasures. Now, I’m a Brit, so I’m usually the first to defend our misunderstood humour, but not even I’m touching this one. Weirdoes!

Wacky Fact No.4

Children’s author Roald Dahl, famous for his books and a few movie adaptations like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Matilda”, “Fantastic Mr Fox”, “James And The Giant Peach”, and “The Witches”, wrote all his masterpieces in his garden shed. To make sure he would not be disturbed he told his children and grandchildren that ferocious wolves lived inside (as you do). His family has not touched his shed since the year of his death in 1990, but are now planning to relocate it to display it in the Roald Dahl museum. The whole affair will cost approximately £500,000. That’s $790,000! But it does make sense. If you have a museum dedicated to his life and work you need to feature the place where all the magic happened. Shed, glorious shed!

Wacky Fact No.5

Working from home is becoming widespread as it saves costs. To save even more it’s becoming popular to convert your garden shed into a home office instead of having to move or building an extension. This has been dubbed as “Shed Working” and there’s not only a book coming out about it by Alex Johnson, who is responsible for the sudden Shed-epidemic, but also a whole week dedicated to sheds alone. So make a note in your diary: International Shed Week is in July and runs from 7th to the 13th. Will you have a shed party to celebrate?

These are all the wacky facts I could find on the web but I’m sure there are many more. Tell me about your most wacky shed story. I’d love to hear them.

About the Author:- 

This post was written by Sarah Oxley on behalf of Tiger Sheds, manufacturers of garden sheds, potting sheds, pet houses. Sarah is from that strange place across the ocean known as the UK and enjoys writing about unusual things or putting an unusual spin to an every-day topic. She likes writing about sheds because they’re empty spaces waiting to be filled with stuff. She has, however, no clue about gardening.


6 thoughts on “Why Brits Like Garden Sheds- Things You Never Knew

    • Wow, that was a really interesting article. I love Roald Dahl. The Witches was my favorite book when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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