The A-Z Random Directory

Recently I have started getting so many ideas for blog posts that I wonder what has inspired me so much that my brain has been churning out one good idea after another day in and day out. And they are pretty good ones too if we take Mom Tails into consideration. Anyway, today I am going to introduce you to one of these fabulous ideas. It is called the A-Z Random Directory.

The A-Z Random Directory popped into my head one day when I was playing a word game with myself to see what all weird words I have in my vocabulary. I have twisted the game somewhat and so instead of random weird words you will be served random weird stuff. Confused? Let’s make it simpler, shall we?

Every time I post under the A-Z series, I will be writing about something that starts with A…B…C… and so on. And if you thought this meant I would only write about an apple and a ball then you are sorely mistaken because A Walk to Remember can also fall under the A category. But since I don’t like tragedies and don’t want to read the book I guess A will have to be something else…

So watch out for the alphabet soup and sing along with me:-

A is for apple,

B is for balls,

Which is exactly what

You don’t have at all.

Ahem, sorry for that nastiness but it’s hilarious if you recite it to some irritating bumbler.

So what do you think? Is the idea good, great or excellent? Or so bad that you would rather eat rat poop than read more of this crap? (I am sure it’s not the latter because if it is then I just might have to send my rat demons to your IP address… just kidding!)

P.S. Stay tuned for more A-Z drama and don’t forget to follow Spyglassviewer through email or RSS if you are so in love with my writing that you cannot bear to miss even a single post. 😛 Have fun!


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