Novel Publicity- Featured Guest Post

Yesterday, on 7th March, 2011, a guest post submitted by me was featured on the popular novelists/writers publicity blog called Novel Publicity. The more exciting fact is that Emlyn Chand, the owner featured it on the busiest day for her blog, that is Wednesday, just because she found the information in my article valuable enough to be read by the masses. *Jumps around in joy.*

My post, titled LOCK in an Amazing Plot for your Novel: Lead, Objective, Confrontation, Knockout = Great Fiction, is an article about the 4 key elements of plotting that every novelist needs to know about if they ever wish to see their books on the bestselling stands. So if you are a writer struggling to understand why your manuscript is getting rejected again and again, take my advice and head over to Novel Publicity and read my article. A little effort will lead to a lot of knowledge and we all know that education takes you to greater heights…

Guest blogging has always brought immense joy to me. Both as a host and as a contributor. It is indeed satisfying to see people approach you because they wish to post on your blog. But to see your own work appreciated and valued on another’s is something that completely blows my mind. Take my word, try guest blogging yourself. You will definitely make a lot of new friends if not anything else.

If you still haven’t clicked on the link to my guest post above, here you go again. Come on people, buck up a little.

Tell me what you think. Have you ever considered guest blogging? Or are you a hardcore novelist with no time for silly things like this? Have you incorporated LOCK in your novel? Do share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

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2 thoughts on “Novel Publicity- Featured Guest Post

  1. Your post really inspired me, Ria. Plotting is the element of fiction I struggle with most, but LOCK is easy and should definitely help!

    To answer your question, guest blogging is a fantastic opportunity, but I find I’m just too busy most of the time–it’s what I get for working 100 hour weeks to maintain Novel Publicity and my writing. What I’ve done is written a bank of 8 entries that bloggers can choose from when they request a guest post. That seems to work well.

    • Thanks, Emlyn! I am glad I could help.

      I can understand that it must be hard for you since you have to maintain Novel Publicity but nevertheless you do host guest authors (like me!) and that must be a great feeling all on its own, at least it is for me because it tells me that people want to write for me.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting! 🙂

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