Mom Tails: Adventures Down Memory Lane

My mother is a quirky woman. People who know me in flesh and blood would be nodding their heads in understanding now- “Ah! Finally the mystery behind the craziness has been revealed.” But let me assure you that my mom’s weirdness and my weirdness are poles apart. If I were to go ahead and compare our psychosis to zoo animals then I would be the senile elephant while my mom will be the blathering mad baboon…okay, not that crazy but since she is my mom and I am a teenager I think I have the liberty to confuse the two.

As I said earlier- my mom is a quirky woman. So much that during power outages me and my sister would observe our mother solely for the sake of free entertainment. Watching her potter around the house, relocating things so that they are never found again, cooking incessantly or simply telling us foolish incidents from her work place would pass our time.

But the best times for me were the ones when she would take up my sister’s case and rant at her for not studying. These one-way criticisms would ultimately culminate into a full-fledged war between the two females, which would leave me laughing my head off in another room as I plastered my ear to the door or around the wall to hear them scream and claw at each other.

At such times it was always better to remain hidden lest mom saw me and took up my case too. Not that I am afraid or anything, but because it is infuriating to see my sister win every argument through sheer stubbornness and hot-headedness while I lacked those particular talents. Okay, I do not lack the hot-headedness; I can bring it on just about any time. But the stubborn bit is beyond me. I am more of the ignore-if-you-are-not-winning kind. I usually leave the conversation mid-way and stuff earphones into my ear to cut off the barrage of dialogue coming my way.

Back to the point, my mom has other quirks too. She loves to cook but doesn’t know cooking to boot. All day (I mean, after coming back from work) you will find her pottering away in the kitchen, brewing and sautéing something or the other, that would in the end either lead to some serious smoke in the hole (okay, that is a rare thing) or some weird squiggly stuff on your plate for dinner (I am exaggerating here).

And don’t even get me started on her tendency to relocate things wherever she fancies. And then saying, “Right there”, when asked where so-and-so can be found. I mean, come on, where is this, “Right there”? Here? The next room? Or two miles away? God, the woman can’t keep her nimble fingers off things that do not belong to her.

But whatever might be my mom’s weirdness and however much I can’t tolerate her when I am at home I do miss the quirky woman very much now that I am away. So check back for more Mom Tails where I will post about some choice incidents surrounding my mom that always make me laugh real hard and also make me want to pick up the damned phone and call home.

So what are your thoughts? Do you love your mother? Is she as crazy as mine or one notch higher? I love hearing from you guys so don’t forget to comment below.

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