4 Alternative Ways to Use a Candle

Candles are not just props for medieval plays or scaring the crap out of our roommates during a power outage. They can be used pretty innovatively too. Today let me introduce you to our guest author, Bobby Johnson, who has come to us with 4 such out-of-the-ordinary ways of using a candle. Continue Bobby…   

You might be thinking that in the modern world with all its electric lighting, candles are useless. Even when there’s a power cut it’s much easier for us to whip out our battery powered torches or use the light from our smart phones than it is to route a round under the kitchen sink only to find that those candles you bought five years ago are all missing their wicks. In this article I’m going to show that candles are not only good for creating a romantic atmosphere but can in fact be very useful. They might not illuminate a room in a crisis as well as a torch, but can you use a torch to tell the time?

Candle Clocks

Candle clocks were used in China as early as the 6th century and although you rarely see them in use today they’re actually very accurate. If you’ve ever burned an advent candle you’ll find that a candle clock works in pretty much the same way. All you have to do is take a long, thin candle and divide it with even spaced markings that will each indicate a period of time. They’re super effective because candles burn at a really consistent speed. So throw away that old watch, and light up.

Spy Accessories

If James Bond carried a sack full of candles he could surely do away with his Walther PPK and Aston Martin. That would probably be a bit of a waste, but he could certainly use the candles to write secret messages back to M and to his various female companions. Writing on drawing on paper with candle wax doesn’t appear to leave any marks, but paint the same page with water colours and the message will appear from nowhere.

Ancient Spells

Admittedly this one isn’t very practical but it can still be fun and who knows, the spell might actually work. Performing an ancient candle ritual is alarmingly similar to blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Just substitute the ‘make a wish’ part, for a weird and creepy spell. It’s worth noting that in candle magic different colours have very different meanings, which could have a bearing on the outcome of your spell. If you’re looking to attract a new partner then Orange is your best bet. And stay away from black unless you’re feeling particularly evil.

Shoelace Repair

This is practicality at its finest. Who’d have thought you could replace plastic ends of shoelaces with candlewax. It’s a great idea, as they always seem to be coming off. It’s really easy to do as well. Just dip the end in a little bit of melted candle wax and your repair work is done. It will stop the ends from fraying, and make poking the laces through those little holes easier than you ever dreamed it could be.

Bobby Johnson loves a bit of mood lighting, and he earns a living researching and writing about LED candles for the UK based retailer Find Me A Gift.


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