The Difference between Owned and Hired Cars

Before we begin let me introduce you to the author of today’s post who will be remembered as the first guest to have ever posted on spyglassviwer. Say hello to David Rice. David here has written a brilliant post about… well, I think I should just shut my big mouth and let you read the piece. Continue David…

You only have to travel through suburbia to observe our love affair with cars. On any given Sunday morning you will find dozens of people out on the streets or their driveways washing their vehicles. Even in the rain or snow there are chances that you will find some brave/crazy soul cradling a bucket of soapy water and a wet sponge, whistling a happy tune, despite the fact that his teeth are chattering in the cold.

Not content with just removing the grime from a week’s motoring, they will often go the extra mile by lovingly applying some kind of waxy miracle product that promises to protect their pride and joy from those nasty old elements. I mean, heaven forbid the two-ton metal box with wheels on each corner should be left exposed to a light breeze or a tiny shower of rain water in the ensuing days. If someone invented a car-shaped cotton wool sleeve I think it could make them a fortune.

And when they’re driving their cars along the road, they take extra care to protect it from any harm. Like an over-cautious parent of a porcelain baby they close the doors with just enough force to keep it shut and change gear with a smoothness that would impress a ballet dancer. Some of them even put on special driving gloves (since when did we need gloves to drive?) to ensure the steering wheel doesn’t get damaged by a stray fingernail.

Not the Same for a Rented Car:-

In many ways this eccentric behaviour could be seen as depressingly sad while others may see such attention to detail as highly impressive. Either way, the strange thing is that these rather fussy car owners become different animals altogether when they use a hired car instead. It’s noticeable that when they don’t actually own the vehicle themselves their habits change in the time it takes to sign the rental papers.

Once behind the wheel of their on-loan Nissan or Volvo, they suddenly start slamming doors with the power of a charging elephant, and to crunch their way through gear changes that would make your ears burn. Needless to say, this sudden change in outlook is all due to the fact that they don’t actually own the car so why should they care? It’s a sad but inevitable outcome of the lack of responsibility these people feel.

And if the vehicle is being hired for any length of time, it will become increasingly filthy over the days and weeks. When Mr. Chamois-Leather has his own car on the drive it has more washes than it could cope with, but if it’s a hired automobile it will soon look as though it’s been left for dead on a sewage farm.

David Rice is a UK writer who lives in the south-east of England. He works for a company that rents vehicles out to tourists visiting Britain, and is often arranging the best Leicester car hire deals in the summer months. He rarely cleans his own car, however.


2 thoughts on “The Difference between Owned and Hired Cars

  1. Fun post! And very true – guess it’s hard to care as much about other people’s property. This explains my night-time vandalism escapades…but perhaps I’ve said too much…

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