What is Guest Blogging?

After six months of airing myself in the blogosphere I have come to one conclusion— I am an amateur at blogging. Sure I have learnt to navigate WordPress, customize my blog any crazy way I want and established which niche I wish to write dominantly for, but the truth remains the same. I might have lost my newbie sheen but I am still the same under the coat of grime.

But that means I still have a lot left to explore, learn and utilize, which effectively solves the problem of getting bored. Take guest blogging for example. I have witnessed this occurrance on blogs I subscribe to and also on bigger blogs that I stumbled upon but never had the thought crossed my head that maybe I should incorporate the same on my own blog. And why? Because I thought no one would be willing to guest post on a blog they didn’t know, and most importantly, which wasn’t really big.

And then the light shone down from Heaven on me and I learned the fascinating facts…

Guest blogging is the act of writing posts for another’s blog and getting it published on their website. It is an amazing concept since it helps in increasing traffic on the blogs of both the host and the guest. It also creates backlinks and is an important networking tool when it comes to meeting new bloggers out there in the world. And by guest blogging a blogger makes her brand visible to newer eyes.

For the host it is an opportunity to bring new content to the readers when one is unable to write up anything substantial themself. Also in the long run this paves the path for greater, more complex blogging rites and rituals that this level one blogging witch is yet unfamiliar to. So all in all Guest blogging is a win-win situation for both the host and the guest.

Now to solve my dilemma, there are infinite bloggers out there in the blogosphere looking for blogs to post on so that they can reap the benefits of guest blogging. So it efficiently cancels out my defeatist mentality. Therefore, I have decided to start hosting guest posts on my blog too (while I moonlight as a guest blogger on the sidelines).

The rules for guest posting on Spyglassviewer are pretty simple:-

1. The post must be a humor take on any out-of-the-ordinary observation in the real world. It can be about people, places, bullshit government policies, hilarious crashes…anything that has the potential to make someone laugh-out-loud or smile at the snarks.

2. The word limit is 500 words. And mind it, I am going to chop off words from the end if it exceeds…just kidding! 🙂 10-20 more words is just fine but hitting the 600 words mark is not.

3. The post must not be racial or offensive in any way. Slangs are fine but abusive language is a strict no-no.

4. The author must send a 4 line bio. The more interesting the better.

5. I will give you two links for the post including the bio. Please make sure they do not link to any offensive or adult website.

6. If published then guest blogger must subscribe to comments’ section and reply to the comments on the post.

For further details and bouncing ideas off me contact me through email: arthemiskingsworth@gmail.com. Or leave a comment in the section below.

This coming week I am going to publish the very first guest post on Spyglassviewer. It is about how car owners are freakishly over-protective of their cars (which guzzles fuel and insurance money both) but turn into public dangers as soon as they get behind the wheels of a rented car. So stay tuned!



8 thoughts on “What is Guest Blogging?

  1. Excellent! I’ve only had positive experiences with letting people guest post on the blog, so I wish you the same! Looking forward to the first guest post 😉

  2. Nice Article Ria. I just got PR3 and now i can understand really what exactly guest post is. I am getting too many guest post. Thanks for sharing Ria. Hope we will get more article from your side.

    • I am looking for humorous takes on daily life details. Observations that make a difference.
      For example, some chain store employees have a bad habit of nosing around when you just want some peace to buy what’s on your list. You could figure out some more annoying details and write about 5 Reasons why Target is the last place I want to be today. That title wasn’t really SEO happy but still. Something of that kind. Observations that can easily bring out dry humor.
      Thanks for considering posting on spyglassviewer. If you come up with something don’t hesitate to send me a blog proposal email. 🙂

    • Then maybe you should set the trend and start making guest blogging popular in France.
      Thanks for commenting!

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