The Versatile Blogger Award

Before I begin let me get it out of my system:


Okay, I am done. Whoosh! And FYI, running down the corridor and shouting as if your pants were on fire does invite weird attention (Put that phone down! I don’t need to be carted off to the psychiatric ward!).

Just kidding. I didn’t shout or run down the corridor like a Harpy on weed. Although I did sing the happy song in the solitude of my thoughts and grin like crazy for ten minutes (who is counting?).

As the title says, this post is about The Versatile Blogger Award (a.k.a VBA). And yes, I was recently awarded the same by my friend, and fellow blogger, Daniel Nest. Before I actually fulfill the courteous rules that come in the same package as the award, let me tell you something about it.

The Versatile Blogger Award is an initiative of the WordPress team (the very ones who allow us to throw our random thoughts in the blogosphere free of charge). And the unique and encouraging fact about this award is that you automatically win this award once you are nominated for it by another blogger. Although this very fact reduces the impact of the award it is still a brilliant way to get Yours Truly before the laptop and bring you fresh doses from the genius stock everyone calls the Brain. And isn’t that a nice thing? (Of course it is.)

Winners of VBA are further encouraged to partake in a ritual that will transform them from mere bloggers to the Versatile Blogger. And no, the ritual doesn’t involve killing chickens or dancing while wearing feathers as undergarments (Aw shucks, there goes my chance to do the Hulla Hoop Dance). The VBA rules for winners are as follows:-

  • Thank the person who gave you this award and tell the world how awesome they are by linking back to their blog (if you know how to do it of course).
  • Tell the world seven things about yourself. The crazier the better since everyone loves something scandalous in nature. And yeah I made that last bit up!
  • And lastly, nominate/award 15 other blogs whose writers deserve this title. And I mean it when I say DESERVE!

So here we go:

Thank You Daniel Nest for nominating me for this award. You are the bestest *a big hug*.

For those of you who still are unacquainted with Daniel, he is the author of the humour blog Nest Expressed where he blogs over a range of topics. He is a talented writer indeed and every post on his blog is laced with humour, some subtle and snarky while others downright hilarious, that will surely leave you well satisfied by the end! Believe me, you are in for a real treat if you decide to check out his blog.

Condition one: CHECK! 

Now onto the next. Hold on tight since you are about to read seven facts about me that not many people know and if history is to be believed then you are in for… (a nightmare?)

  1. As a child I had a bad habit (well duh!). And it wasn’t the usual thumb-sucking kind (ugh, I was smarter than that). Everytime I would say a sentence I would repeat myself but without any sound. I am sure it looked as if I was lip-syncing to a song that had failed to play.
  2. I want to get my left eyebrow pierced but still haven’t managed to pluck-up the courage to do it.
  3. Till the age of 14 I didn’t have a single friend since I used to have a temper shorter than the coated end of a matchstick. And had such a low sense of humour that I wouldn’t have realized it if a joke had bitten me on the ass.
  4. I don’t intend to marry since I don’t believe in that institution.
  5. I love to hide and jump out on unwary people and laugh when I scare the wits out of them.
  6. I was once addressed by two strangers on the road as “bhaiyya”, which means “brother” in Hindi although I am a girl. I can’t really complain since I usually dress like boys and have short hair (and incidentally I had gone for another haircut that very day).
  7. I once read my sister’s secret diary (I know I am evil). And on one of the pages she had written about a dream in which she was about to kiss a guy and I barged in on the two of them loaded with a bow and arrow and said, “Don’t you dare!” (Wow, my sister thinks I am Rambo!) (And yeah, she knows I read her diary, DAMN!)

Condition two: CHECK! 

And finally, the fifteen bloggers I think deserve this award. I am seriously in a fix now since I haven’t come across that many blogs that I feel deserve this felicitation. So I am going to nominate in installments as and when I come across good blogs. For now I think these blogs and their authors deserve the VBA:-

1. Ironic Mom

Being a mom is hard. Being the mom of twins is outright insane. And that’s what Leanne Shirtliffe, the author of the blog Ironic Mom, writes about. Her blog tagline is: If you can’t laugh at yourself, then laugh at your children. Humorous and full of disasters, Ironic Mom is one blog that will leave you cracking up as you read the escapades of Thing 1 and Thing 2 (the codename of the author’s children on the site). 

2. Ermilia

Co-authored by Ermisenda Alvarez and Eliabeth Hawthorne, Ermilia is a blog that is truly versatile. The authors regularly post on a variety of things that is going on around them but the blog is primarily a platform for fiction writing and reading. The two have even penned a book together, Blind Sight, which is of the fantasy genre.

3. theworriedbunny

Authored by Andy, a young teacher from Philippines, this blog is sparkly and versatile. She talks about her life and the various things that fascinate her. But the blog is named so because every week she puts up a post named “The Worry of the Week” in which she talks about going-ons that have caught her attention and haven’t pleased her in the least. This blog truly deserves the VBA.

4. August McLaughlin’s Blog

As the name suggests, this blog is authored by August McLaughlin, a Los Angeles based author of the book In Her Shadow. The blog is versatile since it focuses on a variety of topics like writing, food, art, living etc. And every post is as fascinating as the next.

Condition three: CHECK… error! (Oops, eleven more nominations to go.)

So that’s it for now. I will surely update as and when I come across other blogs that deserve the VBA. But for now I will let you digest what I have written so far and be on my merry way.



4 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hehehhee nice! Thanks for the backlink love 🙂

    Loved the part about your sister thinking you’re Rambo…unless, of course, you really are Rambo. In which case, sorry Mr. Rambo, I didn’t mean to offend!

    Let us all know what happens with that piercing once you get the courage to get it done!

    • No offense taken. But tread carefully the next few days… 😉
      And about that piercing, my friends are discouraging me by saying that it’s unprofessional for a doctor and also very slutty. I don’t know which way to swing now, arrrgghhh confusing!!! 😦

      Anyway, thanks!!! 🙂

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