New Definitions

Before I begin with the actual post let me first apologize for the terrible vanishing act I pulled for the last two weeks. I cannot express exactly how sorry I am for being MIA but I won’t waste your time by listing out excuses like I had returned back to my university after a long vacation (which is indeed what had happened) and was thus temporarily stunned by the going-ons to set out time for blogging. These are just sorry excuses for saying that I wasn’t bothered enough to do something with all the free time I had on hand.

So now that I am back, I come with a new resolution. Yes, unlike other people who gracefully list out their resolutions within the first few days of the new year so that they can break them all the more easily after the happy rush, I have decided to abstain from such practices and resolve only when I am determined to do something.

And so I am going to start posting about my observations of the world, which was actually the primary reason why I started this blog. I am determined not to hide behind fiction and other time-pass stuff because I am too lazy to work on things that require effort and research into the human mind and society.

So be prepared for the freshest servings twice a week right here on the Spyglassviewer. And since mere words do not establish your resolve I am going to post on the various useless excuses people harvest in their brains for the month of January. And maybe some of February since I have decided to begin so late. So come around tomorrow for the first post in the newest segment: Bullet-Ridden Excuses.

And don’t forget, comment, comment, comment. I need all the encouragement I can get since I have a dangerous condition where lack of attention leads to excessive paranoia and other psychosis. Happy reading! 🙂



2 thoughts on “New Definitions

  1. Hheheee nice to see I’m not the only one making “excuse” posts today ;)…looking forward to more of your stuff! Although I’ve got to say, I quite liked your fiction pieces, so don’t go all cold turkey on those either 🙂

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