One Winter Day

I raced across the wide landscape on my snow mobile, leaving deep tracks behind me as I cut a path through the snow. The icy wind blowing against me had cruelly frozen my nose and caused my lips to crack and bleed. At least my eyes were protected behind the glares I was wearing.

But I didn’t care about the discomfort. I had to get to my destination fast; Rory had called on the team to come ASAP, which could mean only one thing. So I sped down the slope at breakneck speed and endured the cold.

After some more time I finally reached the tree line and was forced to decelerate. I wasn’t James Bond that I could speed through the twisted forest of pine trees without crashing into a trunk and exploding like a bomb.

The carpet of snow was softer in this terrain and so my snow mobile was spraying up a lot of ice crystals as it cut a path through the white. The spray formed an envelope around me, which was irritating since it was obscuring my vision.

Finally, I spotted a row of snow mobiles parked beside the frozen Lake Jiet. Quickly parking my own, I counted the total number of vehicles. Shit, everyone else was already inside! I just hoped they hadn’t begun without me.

I grabbed my hunting rifle and made my way towards the wooden house beside the lake and swore as my feet sank almost knee-deep into the soft snow. Damn it, this was slowing me down!

Finally, I made it to the steps and climbed up to reach the porch while shaking off the snow clinging to my pants and boots. Once before the door I knocked and waited impatiently as the door was opened by Jackson, our newest hunter.

I went in and asked, “Where has the attack taken…place…” I drifted off as I saw the interior of the house. To say I was dumbstruck would be putting it lightly. Because standing before me in a cluster were my brothers-in-arm, grinning widely at me.

“Happy Birthday, Kendall!” shouted the men.

All I could do was gape like an idiot. I had forgotten it was my birthday, but then it was very lame to celebrate turning old once you had crossed your fourth decade mark.

“Shut your gob, mate, before your tongue freezes,” said Rory as he came up to me and clapped me on my shoulder in a half-hug. The rest of the team crowded around me then and started to sing a revised version of the birthday song that would have made my wife’s ears go pink in embarrassment.

I laughed along with them as they finished the routine and said, “If cats could sing even they would have fled at that.”

“Ha, Nancy boy, not everyone is a choir chick like you,” said Timothy as he grinned at me wide.

And then I was pulled towards the meeting room, which was decked with bottles of beer and food the boys must have put together.

“Thank you ladies for this surprise.” I said after I downed my third beer, “Better to drink a beer than hunt one down.”

The men hollered their agreement. Being a hunter wasn’t an easy job. It was better to live while we could.

This is the first week of the brand New Year 2012. Happy New Year to all of you! And to celebrate this fact I wrote this particular piece of fiction. I hope you all have a wonderful year and live every minute of it as if there is no tomorrow. Good luck and may success be with you!



6 thoughts on “One Winter Day

  1. Happy new year to you too. This read very American. I hope you will write something for the quieter folks too. 🙂

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