Goodbye 2011…

Tomorrow we enter a new year— 2012. And just like last year, and the year before that and the ones that came earlier, tomorrow we get to start afresh.

Every new year is marked by celebrations, hopes for a bright future, glorious expectations and resolutions to turn over a new leaf (although not many are able to stick to them by the second week mark). 2012 will be no different.

People will celebrate, laugh and rejoice. They will make resolutions they won’t stick to. They will curse and show the bird to 2011 and say, “Ha, and you thought you could break our hearts and crush our souls”. They will plan their year, from January till December, making sure they fulfil all their life’s dreams in one year’s time. And indeed that’s what every one of us is doing right now (yeah, don’t lie).

But we mustn’t forget what the dying year has taught us. Curse it all you want for all the heart-breaks and sorrows it brought you, praise it for the good times or just look back without any extreme emotions but do not forget what it has taught you.

2011 has been a year of ups and downs for me. It has been a year of sorrow brought on by the fact that my Board Exam marks weren’t up to my expectations, extreme depression when I thought I wouldn’t get into any good college and would have to waste a year of my life and finally extreme joy when I managed to get into India’s best Dental college. It has been a year of getting addicted to reading books that only helped me in escaping from my real life troubles and then coming out of it once I set everything straight. It has been a year when I began to really concentrate on my writing career and started this blog beside gobbling down books on the mechanics of good writing.

But aside from the academic details, it has been a year of change. Of shifting from one city to another; From the comfort of home to the challenging world outside. A year of leaving behind old buddies and making new friends. It has also been MY year of transition from a child to an adult when I turned eighteen in November. It has been a year of finding new things about myself, discovering my hidden patience and ability to reign in my short-temper and become calm-headed once and for all.

Indeed 2011 has been a year of twists and turns. It had some sharp edges that cut me hard, leaving behind scars. It had hair-pin turns and nail-biting rides. But it also had amazing highs that left me dazed in the amount of joy it could bring. And for all that I will never forget 2011, just like I haven’t forgotten the past years of my life. I cherish 2011 with all its good and bad memories because it has helped me grow stronger, helped me reach a little closer to my goals, helped me be the person I am now. And for all that I am glad.

So let’s enter this new year with a clear head and belief that we will rise and shine this time. And with determination that we do not commit the same mistakes twice. I hope you all have a wonderful year of 365 amazing days (oops, 366, since 2012 is a leap year)!




6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2011…

  1. Very sensible and relatable. I hope year 2012 is far better for you and brings you lots of joys.

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