Jingle all the Way, It’s Christmas!!!

I didn’t want to get out of my bed today in the morning. Who would if the choice was between staying in the warm cocoon I had made within my comforter or getting out and facing the frigid temperatures outside of my soft bed? But then there was the Christmas factor added to the mix. And the prospect of gifts always trumps the advantages offered by the warm comforter.

So I dragged myself out of my bed (or rather enthusiastically whooped thrice before jumping off) and whooped some more as my crispy warm soles touched the icy cold floor. And you know the rest…

Exchanging gifts has always been the one thing which makes people happiest about Christmas mornings (or rather receiving them if you are a kid at heart like me). And so I spent the morning in a happy frenzy as I eagerly accepted the mobile phone my dad had bought for me. Let me tell you, it’s totally blingalicious!!! If you knew me you would say, “Huh? Weren’t you the tough kid types who liked Blackberry over cute cells?” To which I would say, “Obviously, a Blackberry is a Blackberry. But you can’t deny that the tiny cubic zirconia on my new cell looks totally beautiful.” And Christmas is a beautiful time after all.

Anyway, after we had all opened our presents (non-gift wrapped ones since we are all adults here, get my sway?) and squealed for a while (my sister does her pig acts every now and then) we all sat down for a steaming hot Christmas breakfast. Okay, it wasn’t really anything extraordinary other than the fact that today my mom somehow succeeded in making perfect Bullseyes (I am taking about egg fries in case you were wondering).

Once breakfast was through we all dressed up and headed for the movie theatres. Day before yesterday a brand new bollywood superhit DON 2 had released and so we were very eager to watch it while it was the setting the box office on fire (and it is doing just that since the first DON was a mega hit at the box office). It was one of the best ways we could have spent the holiday since everyone in our family loves movies and it wasn’t a waste of time at all. Yeah, DON 2 was as amazing as DON, or rather even surpassed the previous one.

Anyway, once the movie got over we all jumped and skipped to our car and roared off to a five-star hotel for a brilliant lunch. The lunch wasn’t as spectacular as I would have liked it to be but it was better than average. But who cares? (Seriously I don’t even though I am a big foodie.)

Once we came back home I promptly plopped face down on my bed  and snoozed off. Well, I was tired and complete satiation does induce fairy tale worthy sleep. So it was another hour and half of merry-making with my comforter (we simply can’t stay away from each other, such is our love story) before I woke up to a promising Christmas night.

Well, the promising part hasn’t come around yet so I thought I would come around and wish you a very Merry Christmas! So here it goes:

So enjoy the evening with your family. Have a wonderful dinner, share some stories, sing some carols and don’t forget to spread the Christmas cheer around! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!



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