Take a Break, It’s Food-a-holic Season

Food isn’t just any random thing you can put in your mouth and satisfy the gnawing hunger in your stomach. It is that, of course, but to a true food-a-holic it is a religion. And we all know that true devotion is marked by painstaking attention to every tiny detail.

To a foodie gourmet food is not just a necessity for life it is the very essence of living. But unlike the air we breathe in, which is a necessity you ignore until someone has shoved your head underwater, these decadent meals that a food-a-holic lives for are treated with reverence people usually reserve for all that’s holy in their lives.

What do you think of when you cast your eyes on the photograph above? Did your mouth start salivating with phantom flavors bursting across your tongue? Did your heart skip a beat as you gazed at the polka dotted body of the beauty, which definitely isn’t covered with fondant? Did you feel the sublime pleasure of imagining the buttery sweetness of the cream coating your taste buds? Did you feel it or are you one of those people who just eat for the sake of it without deriving an ounce of pleasure out of the simple act?

If you are one of the former then the buffet I am going to showcase will make you go insane with greed and longing. So tread with care lest you run to your nearest sweet shop or restaurant and consume more than your dietician recommends just because my post drove you to eat like a food-addict.

Christmas time is time for cheer, toys, fun, carols, sharing stories etc. But the one thing about Christmas that drives me nuts is the special food that’s prepared right around this time. This is because Christmas has its own traditional food and drinks that people have been sharing around the dinner table with their families through generations.

So without further ado let me offer some refreshments before the party starts to get boring. How about a mug of apple cider with a stick of cinnamon in it for the children and the recovering alcoholic uncle? And some sparkling drinks for the adults. Of course I mean Champagne (shut up Paige, let me do the talking). A typical Christmas dinner will have plenty of both but obvious no one will be drowning their sorrows in a bottle of Bollinger.

Moving on to the first course let us delve into the world of soups and salads. Today on the menu we have the chef’s special Oyster Stew. One spoonful of this creamy and rich stew and you will drift off to a world where only you and the bowlful of soup before you exist together.

Although typically salads do not feature that greatly on any dinner table (they don’t for me since I am usually salivating over the other wholesome deals served before me) you will find some sort of December-like salad served in a Christmas dinner. So today we bring to you what our darling chef calls the Winter Fruit Salad. Served on a white porcelain platter, the muted green of the sliced kiwis, the sunset orange of the oranges, the ruby red of the pomegranate seeds and the sunny yellow of the pineapples together form a brilliantly colorful dish that is both pleasing to look at and eat.

On any typical Christmas dinner you will find the center of the table occupied by a dish that is associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, you guessed it right; I am talking about the Roasted Turkey served on a bed of peas and potatoes that makes the dish both homely and regal at the same time.

Equally rich-looking and decadent are the next items to be served today. Forget about courses because it’s going to be a rage on the dining table with what to come up next.

Let me present to you the delicious Prime Rib. A traditional dish on any Christmas dinner, the prime rib is also called Standing Rib Roast.

Next up is the Christmas Ham. Usually glazed with apricots, the succulent ham is presented in such an artistic manner at times that the very sight of it makes your mouth-water (Ew, stop drooling at once Harry and go and serve the ham!).

Too much regality though can make a dinner appear too formal and cold even if the dishes are piping hot. So a traditional Christmas dinner also includes the elements of home-made food that makes us go down memory lane while being wholesome and wonderful at the same time. (CONTINUE TO PAGE 2)


6 thoughts on “Take a Break, It’s Food-a-holic Season

  1. You are such a sadist! Why would you do this to people? Now I deperately want to eat ALL the delectable dishes you have mentioned. Better send them to me fast! 🙂 And enjoy your seven course meal. 🙂

    • Is that so? *Evil Laugh* I want to eat all of them too, except the prime rib of course since I don’t have beef.
      When we meet next time I think we should go out and have some of these gourmet stuff together! 🙂 Till then check out some of them with your friends! Happy Christmas!!! 🙂

  2. Wow! You are seriously good at making me hungry! Such a good article, I really enjoyed reading it (and eating my face off with the delicous meals) I will be sure to come back and read more 😀


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