Cheers, It’s December!!!

December marks the end of the year but rather than being a sorry sort of month like a few others I can name (think exam months) it is a month of cheer and merry-making, of giving and receiving happiness, of looking forward to a new year full of new resolutions that most of us break within a week’s time. It is truly a month of joy!

In most countries of the world, this month falls in the territory of Winter, specifically mid-winter, which is that time of the year when frost covers the ground like a blanket as soft as fleece in places and as hard as asphalt in others (not to forget the ass-smacking slipperiness). It is that time of the year when trees shrivel up and start resembling gnarled fingers of an old witch, when the very air, with its icy touch, leaves you quaking in your boots even after being buried deep in layers and layers of coats and sweaters. But even the cruel grip of this frigid season cannot strip from this month its festivity and cheer.

People might find it difficult to shake off the lethargic charm of a winter morning but once they do their energy isn’t any less than the kind witnessed in heavy summer. Oh yes, I am referring to the shopping madness this holiday season brings with it. And I guess it’s the only one of its kind that is not looked down on with narrowed eyes and minds. After all everyone likes spending big if it brings smiles on the faces of their dear ones. Don’t you?

Ah, I love December! I love it even though it freezes the skin to my bones, even though it makes me miss the first lecture of the day due to oversleeping, even though it means the advent of the Splotchy Nose Syndrome. And don’t tell me you don’t love December. Because if you don’t then either you are a loner who lives surrounded by an army of cats or are a kid who just realized that Santa doesn’t exist and your parents can’t afford to buy you the toy you simply must have.

So over the next few days check back for a potpourri of posts specially designed keeping the holiday season on mind. And since the theme has a huge scope for a lot of surprises, be prepared to be surprised with every post.

And don’t forget, comment, comment, comment. I would love to hear your thoughts on this month and its festivities. Till then, have a wonderful time and enjoy Christmas season!



2 thoughts on “Cheers, It’s December!!!

  1. Waiting for the goodies. 🙂 Bring in the cheer and the surpises. Will be looking forward to those. Have a wonderful holiday.

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