The dreamcatcher swayed in the breeze blowing in through the halfway open window. It’s muted brown and white feathers shivered, each fiber dancing to the song of the wind. The tiny beads strung around the willow web glistened occasionally as the web rotated round and round its axis, a silent never-ending pirouette.

I watched the dreamcatcher as it danced in silence to the breeze and wondered if its merriment was a result of its dysfunctional web. A web that was supposed to catch my nightmares, keep them far far away from my dreaming self, and bring me peace and tranquility. A web that had failed me the past three weeks.

Every one of them had failed me. Every one of the twenty-three dreamcatchers hanging around my room had failed me miserably.

I let my eyes rove around the small, once-bright room. A room that hadn’t felt like mine for two months now. A room that looked like a set straight out of a voodoo priestess movie with its choice clutter and dreamcatchers hanging everywhere.

I wrapped my pale arms around my nightgown covered stomach and shivered as the November chill penetrated my bones. I deserved the pain. I hadn’t been strong enough to stay back and fight. Maybe that was why the dreamcatchers weren’t working. Maybe God wanted me to suffer for my cowardice.

Raking sobs shook my frail form as I clutched at my head and sank down to the cold floor. I stayed like that for a while, letting out the tears that didn’t help ease the lead on my chest. And then I stood up again. Just like the last time. And the time before that.

Walking over to my reading table, I lifted up my newest present; a new dreamcatcher. Maybe it will work this time. Maybe the twenty-fourth addition to my army would be the one who finally blocked out the nightmares.

I started to sing as I tied the dreamcatcher to my window sill. It would work this time…

Dear readers,

The story above is just that, a story. It has no connection whatsoever with my life or anyone’s I know personally. So please do not think that I have gone off my rocker. The above is the first of a new segment I wish to begin on this blog. A segment I have named— Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The idea for this has been developed around photographic writing prompts and my wish to involve my readers more. Thus, on every Wednesday I shall write a fictional piece on a photograph and leave it to you to complete. This is a new spin on the popular spin-a-yarns (pun not intended) since you can complete the tale anyway you want. I just hope you actively take part in this and make this new venture a success.

Furthermore, I am open to photograph suggestions so that it becomes equally challenging for me as it must be for you to complete the tale another began. Please, do take part in the first Picture Worth a Thousand Words and paste your bit of the Dreamcatcher tale in the comments section below. 

I am eagerly waiting for your reply.



7 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher

  1. Excellent! It even stands well on its own as an “open mystery” without having anyone contribute…

    I love the idea of participating in something like this and will try to chip in. Especially if you’ll start one that’s lighter and offers itself to humour writing! 🙂

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