Letter to Fear

Every once in a while I get poetic urges. They are infrequent and widely spaced out, but whenever they come I start to rhyme a lot in my conversations. And thus to relieve my inner poet I write poems on whatever wants to pour out of my soul at those instances.

Recently I have started to rhyme a lot again, but I haven’t yet poured out my soul’s contents on a page. So till the time the masterpiece is finished I wish to share a poem I wrote a few months back during one such phase. But let me fairly warn you beforehand that it is seems a lot darker than it is in reality. So read on and enjoy:-

Dear Darkest Fear, 

 Although I say dear, that is not what I think

About you when you are near, my heart’s on the brink

Of collapsing into minute particles of shame;

Of cowering before you and flinching at your name.


To some you might seem silly, but they don’t know

You the way I do, or my immense woe

You creep out of crevices, the darkest corner of my soul

And lunge at me, though you are still crouching by your hole.


My feet gain wings, as no bird will ever fly

Faster than a bullet, or just curl up and die

Though both are cowardly, I always chose between the two

The one that took me farther away from you.


You seem like an innocent bystander, minding your way

But I know the devil from the silence you say

Slow like an old man, fast like a train

Your impulsiveness and unpredictability shocks my brain.

Pretending to be harmless, quaint and frail

Then why does the very sight of you make me death pale?

Why does the thought of you on me make me shiver?

Why does your stance make me quiver?

Why do I believe that a horde of you near

Would seal my fate; Death by Fear?


So far I have been civil, but no more

I won’t tolerate and see you out of the door

I won’t stand by and watch others laugh

I won’t let you make my ego chaff

I won’t let you break down my iron-clad control

And if you don’t leave, I will rip you out of my soul!


Consider yourself well warned, I ain’t cowering no more

If you show your face again, I will make it a lore

I will make it a legend known far and wide

I shall destroy your kingdom and leave you nowhere to hide

I will make you quiver down to your last bone

And exterminate your allies, stranding you alone

I will rain my rage, I will rain my wrath

I will burn you in the blaze of my emotions distraught

I shall make it so that they’ll pass it in mirth

When fear is proclaimed; Your name I will raze off the Earth.


Don’t pretend to be superior, I’ll do what I say

I will make you fear my name in the light of the day

Consider yourself well warned, and Beware

Of the wrath of a true enemy, if you Dare! 


Your Nightmare

P.S: Try reading the above again with something ridiculous like…a cockroach in mind. You will be shocked at how funny the context becomes!

P.S.S: And don’t forget to comment below! I want to know if people want a new poetry segment even if the updates will be spaced with months and months in between! LOL.



6 thoughts on “Letter to Fear

  1. I know what you mean. When something happens to me, or when I’m FILLED with an emotion I start thinking poems and it never stops, just a constant flow, line after line. I never have to stop and think what the next line will be, it just works out everytime and I don’t have to think about it.

    • That’s the exact thing with me too! And usually if I stop for a breath and read the last line, my flow gets cut off real bad. Ah, the pleasure and pain of writing poetry!

  2. I think you may want to think about the meter a bit more. You can still get your message across and be a bit more true to the rhythm/rhyme aspect of poetry by editing it down. For example:

    “Although I say dear, that is not what I think,

    when you are near, my heart’s on the brink.

    Collapsing minute particles of shame,

    cowering before you, I flinch at your name. ”

    There’s also an alliterative aspect to the repetition of “I” that you may also want to explore in smaller passages such as this one.
    Sounds great. Good luck and have fun.

    • Thank you for the comment! But I am clueless as to what a meter is since I am primarily a writer and a part-time poet whenever the urge comes. So the technical details of poetry can sound alien to me although I got the alliterative aspect.

  3. I’m the same way with songwriting. 🙂 Glad you wrote and shared this–unique and enjoyable! I hope you will continue to post your poetry, as seldom or often as they strike you.

    PS I love the ‘think of a cockroach while reading it’ idea… ha!

    • Thanks!! 🙂 Rest assured; my “crazy” need for attention will ensure poetic updates on the blog as and when I find myself in the mood to moon over a blank page and pour my soul out for the whole world to see…

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