5 Things to do Before I Die

One day you are born into the world, and suddenly before you even know it time has flown by and you find yourself confined to your tiny world as you try to protect your frail body against what is inevitably coming for it— Death.

Every living being in this universe has to die one day, so pondering and fretting over it will do one no good. Therefore, we should think about what we CAN do with the time on our hands till the last grain of sand in the hourglass of our life falls.

Thus, in an effort to satisfy myself before death (and foil my soul’s plan of staying back as a ghost) I have compiled a To-Do List before I Die. So here it goes in a descending order of prime importance in my view:-

5. Watch the SCARIEST movie Ever Made.

The part I should have added to the header above is: and lose sleep for a month. I love watching scary movies! There is no better way of getting your heart thumping like mad and adrenaline saturating your cells while you sit back and do nothing. But unfortunately my overactive imagination always gets into the way of things. Everytime I watch a scary movie that scares the living daylights out of me I get these nightmares that evolve around the story but are somehow always detached from it (which is not normal since dreams usually evolve a little but stick to the main story with you as the girl being hunted down).

Check out this blog. 1000 people voted and chose the top 10 scariest movies ever to be made. You might agree, you might not, but the ones I have seen out of these are definitely heart attack worthy: Top 10 Scariest Movies Ever

4. Go for Skydiving.

Skydiving is an extreme sport where people strap on parachutes to their backs and jump out of a plane thirty thousand feet above the ground. Just imagining such a nerve wracking experience gives me goosebumps all over my body. And that’s why I simply must do this at least once in my life (talk about being a bonehead!). I simply must feel that close connection with my mortality as I tumble through the air with only a flimsy life support at my back (which might or might not open at the crucial moment). Scary but cool, isn’t it?

I recently checked out this blog where some experienced skydivers talk about their diving experiences and provide details for people who wish to try it out: So What is Skydiving Anyway?

3. Learn to play the Flute.

Ever since I taught myself to whistle and over time to play tunes, I have wanted to play the flute. I have a very good control over the muscles of my mouth, which help in whistling, but it’s difficult to achieve perfect precision over something that goes through changes depending on the environment. Therefore I want to learn how to play something which is mechanically controllable while giving me the same satisfaction whisting gives me (and I am not talking about whistling at people as if they were your collared dogs).

Below I have shared the music of a famous Indian flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. The video goes on for long but even if you hear it for a few minutes you are sure to feel profound happiness and peace deep within your soul, at least I did:-

2. Buy a BMW Z4 Roadster and race it on a Highway.

I am a car freak. I love cars! The faster, the better. Just watching a sleek and beautiful model race by above 150 mph gives me a high no alcohol can compete against. And thus my love for BMW is justified. One of the best sportscars in the world, the Z4 roadster is a car I will make MINE someday! And that day is not far if I have any say in the matter (and of course I do, since its MY life). I just know that if I die without owning this car, my soul is going to haunt a BMW showroom forever…

1. Travel so much that I need to renew my passport at least TEN times in 20 Years.

I am a person who cannot sit still for long. I am a wanderer who needs to explore just to feel alive and kicking. And that’s what I intend to do till the last breath leaves my body. I intend to explore, experience and evolve as I go around the world tasting different cultures, people, music, food, entertainment and history. After all, observations never go in vain. They continue to serve you as you interact with people poorer than you in the experience currency.

So that’s all I need to do before I close my eyes once and for all. A hefty task list but something that will be fulfilled one way or the other before I turn to dust. Please leave a comment or two if you have ever pondered on this yourself. And if not, then what are you waiting for? Don’t you know that the next time you blink you might be 60 years old?



4 thoughts on “5 Things to do Before I Die

  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. But Sky Diving? I’ve seriously thought about using one of those indoor skydiving areas, but that’s probably about as far as skydiving as I’ll go. Unless the plane is going down and I have no choice. 🙂

    • LOL. The low jumps are just parachuting not skydiving. Skydiving is really extreme and I doubt I am gonna follow through with it. But I think I will make myself go for it even if my brain comes kicking and scratching all the way to the plane.

  2. Nice list! I’m not a big fan of scary movies in general. They normally fall into one of two categories – lame and full of cheap tricks and “random scares”, or the really creepy ones that get under my skin and make me want to sleep with lights on at the age of 30! But skydiving has been on my list for a long time, although ever since the recently developed flight anxiety I’m a bit less keen on it. As for travel – no doubt. I’m already trying to do a fair share of travel when I get the opportunity. I like your “list format” posts – good structure and easy to read through. More please 😉

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