The Daily Myth

After two weeks of scratching my head and coming up with nothing interesting in the real world to write about, I have finally decided to add an element to my blog, which I am too fond of— the supernatural.

This sudden decision to go mainstream with what I write the best is actually the result of three factors. Firstly, I recently took up the post-a-day challenge 2011 organized by WordPress but somehow managed to produce only three articles in two weeks. That is something really depressing for a person who doesn’t like to lose any challenge she accepts. Secondly, I had this weird hang-up in my head that if I start spouting fantastical things on my blog from Day 1, I wouldn’t have any readers. I mean, what the hell? There are more than a million people out there in the world who love the paranormal as much as I do and still I am trying to adhere to a mould that won’t fit me (talk about having something loose in the skull of mine). And lastly, I had forgotten for a while that I am primarily a paranormal writer. Anything that is out-of-the-ordinary fascinates me so much that at times I lose track of the real world around me.

And so I am adding this new domain to my blog— The Daily Myth (sounds a little cheesy but I simply can’t think of anything more appropriate). I had earlier thought about naming this segment “The Gorgonian Chronicles” (yeah, sounds boring, doesn’t it?) but rejected it in the last second (whew!).

The Daily Myth is my answer to my writer’s block when it comes to real life incidents and people. I will write about them too whenever I can get my hands around something juicy enough to entice my sarcastic scrutiny, but I think its time I travelled the path I was meant to take all along.

In this domain I will share my knowledge of the supernatural world with you, with a few scary stories thrown in the mix to make the experience more appetizing…only if you like a pint or two of O Negative or a raw haunch of meat. And if at times the paranormal intersects with the real (I was thinking about looking at some people with supernatural lenses over my eyes) do not freak out…you just might be the next fairy princess if I see you that way.

So check back tomorrow for the first paranormal cookie straight out of The Daily Myth oven. And come prepared…for you never know when you might realize that your beautiful girlfriend is actually a kelpie with seven rows of teeth, bidding its time till you are truly all alone… Muahahahahaha!


Do share your thoughts.

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