5 Things I am Afraid to Write About

Everyone has certain boundaries they don’t dare go beyond. It might be because of the culture they were brought up in or their individual thought patterns, but whatever the reason might be every single person on this planet has at least one thing they wouldn’t ever do.

But this doesn’t have to mean what they don’t want to do is necessarily vile or obnoxious. It’s just that they feel uncomfortable even contemplating themselves in such a situation. And so do I.

The five things that I wouldn’t ever write about are not “vile or obnoxious” as I stated earlier, they just have a weird effect on my brain that prevents me from going the extra mile and writing about them down on a white piece of paper.

So here it goes, the scary topics in a descending order:-

5. POLITICS is the name of the Game

Politics is a dirty game played efficiently and successfully by only those people who are diplomatic in nature. Since I tend to blurt out things regardless of the person sitting before me and don’t even think about the impact of my words on them, I am ill-suited for treading anywhere near the political field, be it verbal or written. And therefore, I keep myself away from such hazardous associations on paper, which can come back to bite me on the ass once I forget all about it (yeah, people do tend to hold nasty grudges).

4. T is for TORTURE

This is a rather vile subject I avoid as much as I can (contrary to my cheerleading kind of exclamation overhead). Being a medical student who aspires to be a surgeon I know that I am not an empath and I can tolerate reading about torture to a greater extent than most people in general. But since most people are not me (did I have to say that again?) thus I do not write about torture. It leaves a dark impression on a reader’s mind and if they are empathetic in real life then I absolutely do not wish to alienate them by scaring them off with some gory details, which would later give them sleepless nights.

3. The Devil in the DETAILS

I am such a lazy bones Jones in real life that contemplating research scares the living daylights out of me. And by research I do not mean the explorative kind (well duh, you need money for that, which students tend to not have on them usually). It is the kind of research that needs you to dig through mountains of data, be it in the library or the internet, and honestly I do not have any inclination to do additional work beyond whatever effort I must put in to finish my class assignments and study stuff. And so I tend to write about things that need the minimal amount of research: Fantasy. And mostly its the out of the world kind so that I don’t even have to delve into the geographic details of Earth (spare me the headache).

2. TRAGEDY, the Romeo and Juliet Style

I hate tragedies! But I hate to read, watch or hear about them more. Doesn’t life have enough of it already to go on and saturate oneself in the same soup of despair when one has the chance to escape such craziness? Since whatever I write about (fantasy: the bread and butter of an escapist) is very real to me inside my head, therefore I am terrified of getting an inspiration, which might induce me to end things tragically on paper. Killing off one’s brain child is a far heinous crime in a writer’s eyes than sending off one’s blood child to the adoption centre (well, at least it is to me).

And lastly, the dreaded No.1. Drumroll please…

1. INTIMACY with a big R (or was that I?)

Okay, now we have come to the juicy bit (and pun not intended AT ALL!). Everyone loves a healthy dose of intimacy when they read (at least adults expect it to be there to spice up the story element). But when it comes to writing about such stuff, most writers fumble around like amateurs just learning to frame two sentences together. Writing intimate scenes with a heavy dose of…ahem, takes a lot of courage and strength of will. There is always a chance that your readers might completely overlook the main aspect of your writing and associate you as a “porn” writer. And wouldn’t that be bad? And so to avoid all such pesky inconveniences I include romance in a more subtle manner, thus making the scene intense but easy to digest for all (even the almost-adult young adults) or suggestive enough to use your own imagination beyond a point.

So there you go, the 5 things I am afraid to write about. I might write about them at some point of my life (maybe once I become a certified nutcase) but till then its the easy peasy slightly cheesy stuff for me!


5 thoughts on “5 Things I am Afraid to Write About

  1. All fears of mine too. I find that I can just touch on a few of these subjects, just sneak in and jab at them a little in my writing, and get back out again. lol. Hopefully we’ll get more secure with them in the future! Category #6 for me would be Sexuality. There are SO many definitions nowadays, and so many people to offend by saying the wrong thing or ignoring the wrong community…it’s another thing I stay away from.

  2. I agree on most of these! The more I think about starting to write longer fiction pieces, the more I’m scared of detailed research that may be required – so like you I tend to favour “made up” / fantasy stories to write about. Good post, I may just try to think about what my top “writing fears” are!

  3. Fascinating topic. The only thing I have some anxiety writing about are true stories that involve, and might bother, hurt or somehow frustrate, others I care about. We each have our own perspectives and our lives overlap so much so with others’… This is why I prefer fiction! ha. I can get my same messages and stories out; plus, I write in a genre I love reading most (thrillers). Best of luck in your craft and career!

    • Thank you for your best wishes and for sharing your thoughts on the subject! I agree, it is important that one doesn’t hurt the very people who make their life beautiful.

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