Post a Day Challenge 2011

Writers are not born, but they are self-created through the patient task of honing ones skills over the years in the writing arena. It takes immense passion and diligence for writing, but in the end the fruit of all the hardwork pays off in the form of a legacy left behind once we turn to dust.

But writing is hard mistress to tend to. If you do not appease her by giving her your love and attention for at least an hour a day, she can turn vicious and give you what every writer dreads— a writer’s block.

And so I have finally decided to bow before the goddess of scribes and devote a little bit of my time everyday to her tending.  And hopefully before long I shall find myself in the ranks of the great writers through the ages.

And that’s the purpose behind Post a Day 2011. A task taken up by the generous souls of WordPress, this challenge aims to provide muses to writers as they build up a religious habit towards writing. And hopefully in a few months time my mind’s eyes will be opened so wide that I can dig up my own muses from the minute things I observe (or don’t observe) around me.

So inspire me along the way with your gracious comments and likes and help me hone my craft into a weapon none can defeat.



6 thoughts on “Post a Day Challenge 2011

  1. I agree that writers are not simply born but created. I liked the personification of writing. Writing has become a necessity for me but not a daily habit. At the same time I find it very odd to not write for multiple days and then to start again. Good luck to your post a day, with dedication evident I’m sure you will hone your skills.

    – Ermisenda

  2. It is so hard to write fresh stuff everyday. There are a few blogs that I follow and one author ends up having 1 day a week where it’s a matter of digging into the archives to find something good to repost. Luckily for him he did editorials in a previous line of work so he has material to pull from that’s dated but still somewhat fresh. It’s why I have such a deep respect for those who have been blogging for years and posting stuff daily.

    What I’ve found to be helpful is to just be open to whatever can inspire me. I ask for topics from folks, look at sports, current affairs, digging in my music library – anything that gets those juices flowing.For my blog, i decided to have my writing sessions once a week and scheduling stuff so that it gets posted either every other day or daily. That way I don’t feel pressured to write and post stuff daily, especially when the daily grind cuts into the creative juices.

    Stay the course! You’re off to a great start!

    • Yeah, I know the challenge will be tough but I am not a quitter or a loser. I intend to see this through to the end and post daily even if I can manage only three hundred words max. during my free time. Thank you for your inspiring comment and I am sure it will help me succeed in this venture. Do keep checking on me and tell me if my posts are getting dull.

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