Joining the Doctor’s Coat Club

Ever since the time I learnt what the word doctor meant I wanted to be one. Well, that might be pushing it a little; I actually latched onto this dream since second grade. Anyway, over the years I learnt that I HAD the brain and IQ to crack into the Doctor’s Coat Club. But what did I do with that knowledge? I flew. I flew so high that all my ambitions would have gone down the drain if luck hadn’t knocked on my door.

Till tenth grade I had been the model student, best at every damn subject in class. But after I passed the tenth board exams with flying colors (believe me, 95% is called that) I started to slack. I slacked so much that by the time Senior School Board Exams came I was as dumb as a goat. And what was the result of all that lazing around and thinking I owned the world? I passed with dreadful marks (better than average is not good enough for me since I fell from 95 heaven to 77 hell).

The added crazy was that I had lazed around when it had been time to register for all the entrance exams. And so I was down in the dumps by the end of May 2011 (fail in one of the only two exams you managed to register in and then we will have a nice chat about depressing experiences).

The only silver lining in all this buffalo muck was that I had somehow passed the entrance exam for the Manipal University, the place I always wanted to study in. Although my rank was nowhere good enough (as my parents repeatedly pointed out to me), by some twist of fate I got through and secured a seat for myself in the Manipal College of Dental Sciences, the best dental college of India for the third consecutive year.

I can’t say I was blown off my feet when I got in since I always wanted to be a cardiac surgeon, but once I started it was as if fate had handed me exactly what I had hoped and wished for all along.

Dentistry is an amazing course and I am ashamed to say that before knowing anything about it I presumed that it would be lame (courtesy: the snobs of MBBS). I know that people outside think that being a dentist is somehow less than being a ‘real’ doctor (like I said earlier, I am ashamed of my previous misconceptions), but dentistry is not an easy course. It is as hard as general medicine and surgery or at times harder since it requires skill as well as brains.

And so here I am, at last a part of the club I wanted to join all along. Maybe I didn’t get in the way I had hoped for but I got more than I had ever wanted this way (talk about the universe knowing you better than you know yourself).

And this time I am not going to waste this big break. It’s time to put my brain to its rightful task, get the job done and in another five years graduate from the university with the tag of a Doctor.


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