Gossip on the Go

Have you ever noticed that communities are forged through gossip? Gossip is something that brings together people, it can be likeminded discussion of politics or plain passing of the time, but whatever it might be about it always leads to the development of strong relationships between the individuals partaking in it together.

But the kinds of gossip that creates strong bonds are the ones which do not spread like wildfire (read bitching). I mean, when people put together their minds to bring down a person (even if its virtual) they tend to trust each other not to go and blab all over their ass to the one they are bitching against.

A few years back, when I used to live in Nagpur, I became friends (if that’s what you call them) with three girls at my new school (we had just shifted). These three were like a pack of wolves, harmoniously existing together under the leadership of one while sharing the same ambitions, and since they were part of the in-crowd they naturally had to be bitchy.

I don’t know how we became friends but once we did they were kinda fun. But I always kept myself a little apart from the gang, not because they were bitchy (as I said earlier, they had plenty of that, and I had too), because they talked behind each other’s backs.

When we were in Eight Grade we had a Science Fair organized by our school in which we all participated. Although everyone was doing a different project, we all assembled in one of the gang’s house to finish our models. And since a vital member of the wolf pack was missing that day the bitching began in all its glory.

I was surprised and baffled. How could three people be such close friends and still backbite when one was missing? That’s when I came to know another aspect of human behavior and gossiping on the whole. Friends gossip behind each other’s backs to let out some tension that might otherwise lead to fights, but they also do so to develop a solidarity (which somehow includes the third party, or fourth and fifth). Though this kind of a friendship isn’t honest and doesn’t last once the involved people drift away but nevertheless it creates a group in the community.

Since I have not done some doctorate on the Science of Gossip, I might be wrong on many counts here, but there you go, another observation of the world through naïve eyes.

Till the next time- Happy Gossiping!  



2 thoughts on “Gossip on the Go

    • That’s what I do too. It was another reason why we were just so-called friends. But in this post I just discussed the quieter kind of gossip, the one that is restricted in a group. I am sure each girl knew that her friends talked behind her back, since they did that themselves, but they remained strong friends, which was the baffling element in all this.

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