Teacher Trumpets

I have observed many people. I do that a lot since the ones around me bore me pretty fast with their constant jibber jabber about personal beauty and other irrelevant topics. They do give me a lot of ammunition for later blog updates but the ones who just keep on sending me truckloads of ammo are my dear teachers.

Teachers around the world are quirky. And if I ask students they will back me up on this one. They do a lot of things unconsciously that water the germinating evil seeds in our minds. And the rest is history…

Here at med school the teachers are no different. Some are resident doctors while others are post graduates, but they all are: Major Mojitos. A little tang here, a litter bitterness there, and voila, you get a nice hour of monkey business to mimic later before your friends.

Some even go beyond the normal rules of ridiculousness by dressing up in wacky ways or standing crookedly. But it’s mostly the words and the speech inflections that make them clowns before the class.

And so neighbor becomes naibor,

Sperm becomes spam,

Pronunciations that will force any English professor to jump off the harbor,

Or the top of a dam.

For conversation’s sake, let me tell you about the lecture on genetics I recently attended. It was delivered by a professor who forgot to mention his name at the beginning of the class. Well, I am saying professor but do I really mean it? Nah! Not really. And that’s exactly what you can expect from me (and the devil horde) if the teacher looks more like a lab technician than a respected faculty member of the Department.

That man was hilarious. And the best part was that he didn’t even realize it was him we were laughing at. He merrily went on teaching (or in his case dancing on the platform) thinking that we were actually enjoying his lecture and not shouting out answers because we knew that they would bring on another round of hoots and hoolahs.

At one time he even went ahead and said that if you didn’t resemble your parents then you will resemble your naibor, oops neighbor. And when that caused the whole class to erupt into raucous laughter, he added- “Take it in the scientific way, not the bad one.” Obviously the man was trying to teach us about the impact of environment on an individual’s appearance keeping aside the genetic aspect for a while. But then some are born teachers while others are born… should we say clowns, or does it sound clichéd? Oh well, fill in the blanks then…

*Sigh* Teachers can be major pain in the asses. But its no doubt that they are the ones who make you laugh the most (obviously behind their backs). So here’s to all the wonderful teachers around the world, though you might be quirky, you continue to rock night and day!


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