A Blog is Born

Today was an unpleasant rainy day. It was as if God had forgotten to turn off the taps in the clouds. But however dull and gloomy the sky might have been outside, I was, and still remain, as happy as a kid who has won a year’s worth of chocolates in a lucky draw.

But why am I so cheerful when the weather outside is suicidal? It’s because I am on the path to fulfil my dreams. Dream of becoming a dental surgeon. Yes, I have finally gotten into the best Dental College of India! I am so happy that I can feel my heart jostling the lungs in my chest as it does the tango.

But that is not the only reason why I am bubbling with joy. It is because today is the day my blog was born. Today is the day it first cried out to the world and said- “Hear me people, I have things to say”.

And so the journey begins. Where the road might lead us, I know not. But I do know that there is always something happening in the box. Some that you might see whilst others be obscured. But obscurity is only a matter of perspective. All you need is a good spyglass to focus beyond the fog.


Do share your thoughts.

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